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Melissa from Iowa, Age 43

An affordable relief!

I have been battling a extremely bad migraine for the past couple of days, even missed worked both days and ended up at Urgent Care with a shot in my butt and sent home after the 15 min waiting period. It took the edge off a little to where I could function at a minimum. The prescription medications are so expensive and I can’t afford the Botox treatment but decided to try this topical treatment this morning before I drive myself to the ER. IT WORKED! I can’t believe it! I’m so unbelievably excited and impressed! An affordable relief!

Ashley G. Age 25

My Migraines are nearly obsolete!

After suffering with chronic migraines for a long period of time, I had learned to just cope with the symptoms on a daily basis. That is until I came across Stopain Migraine. I use the product once in the morning and once at night, and my migraines are nearly obsolete.

Angela H. Age 38

Migraine relief without side effects!

I suffer from migraines a couple times a month and with my migraine comes nausea, sensitivity to light and sound. I usually take a prescription medication for it, but since I’ve used Stopain migraine, I haven’t had to use my prescription. I just put it on the back of my neck and behind each ear and my migraine is gone in 20 to 40 minutes. The best part is I’ve had no side effects at all!

Cynthia, Registered Nurse from PA

I have suffered with multiple daily headaches for nearly 35 years, starting in my early teens. My parents sought traditional and non-traditional treatment options for me, even having surgery to detach a nerve and later removal of my impacted wisdom teeth, without avail. Finally at age 19, I was diagnosed with Chronic Paroxysmal emicrania. The preferred Rx is prescription NSAIDS which were predominantly effective but later contributed to gastritis, ulcers and ultimately ulcerative colitis. Through the years I have continued to explore alternative options for my pain. Stopain Migraine has provided me a great opportunity to relieve my headaches without the negative gastric or latent effects of drowsiness or impaired thought process most often associated with prescription medications. As a busy mother and wife with a fulltime career as a egistered Nurse my time is very valuable and Stopain Migraine has allowed me minimal interruption of my work and activities. I would highly recommend this product and thank you for its development.

Lindsey Beiter, young professional from PA

Going through college, while pursuing two degrees, is hard enough for anyone but trying to do that while battling with chronic headaches is even worse. Starting in mid-high school and on through university, I suffered with terrible headaches. I sought treatment from renowned neurologists, chiropractors, massage herapists, I had nerve blocking treatments, several Botox injections, even IV infusion therapy. Nothing worked. At one point in my life I was taking 26 prescribed pills a day, just to manage my headaches. I finally got so frustrated with it all, that I just stopped everything and tried to manage them on my own. Then I was introduced to Stopain Migraine . Talk about a game changer! It works so well, that now I’m able to hold down a career with one of the top Health Systems in the country, working 50 hours a week! As someone who couldn’t find relief from anything, I would highly recommend this product to anyone. Thank you Stopain Migraine!